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Co-Vid19 – advice for the heat wave from West Sussex County Council

Incident Information from WSCC Resilience and Emergencies Team

Level 2 Heat Health Alert

Our previous communication stated that a Level 3 Heat Health alert has been issued – this was in error and the alert level remains at 2.

The tips for managing Covid-19 in a heatwave remain and are listed as follows:

Heatwave and Covid-19

Please note that additional information and tips for Covid-19 and the heatwave has been issued by the government.

  • Fans should not be used if someone in your home has been confirmed or suspected as having Covid-19, as this could increase the spread of infection
  • If no-one in your home has Covid-19 or suspected Covid-19, angle fans away from you to limit the spread of germs. Remember that fans are ineffective in temperatures above 350C and cause increased dehydration
  • Paracetamol (and aspirin) may be used to manage COVID-related symptoms but it is recommended that they are not used solely to reduce body temperature. Always consult your pharmacist, GP or NHS 111 for advice
  • Keep cool and hydrated by regularly sipping cold water-based drinks and avoid alcohol
  • Use sponges or cloths made damp by cold water to help control your temperature
  • Close blinds and curtains to help control the temperature of your home
  • Check on the wellbeing of vulnerable friends and family who may be shielding or who are isolated. Remember to observe social distancing guidance

The full guidance can be found here

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Or find out more at the West Sussex County Council website

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