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Hanging basket guidelines

The City Council encourage as many businesses as possible to take part in the Hanging Basket Scheme to make the City Centre a bright and cheerful place for the residents and visitors.

Please read the notes below outlining all the information you need to be aware of before placing an order.

If you have any queries, please contact:

  • Telelephone: 01243 788502
  • Email:

The hanging baskets will be displayed from June to September – weather permitting.  All baskets will be planted with multicoloured flowers.

Baskets and Brackets – weights and fixings

  • Baskets used will be of durable construction with highly secure fixings capable of holding a maximum weight of 150 kgs.
  • Brackets and fixing bolts have a maximum carrying capacity of 250 kgs.  This assumes a brick or similar robust surface on which to secure the bracket.  On all brickwork surfaces, brackets should be fixed into the mortar joints and not into the face of the bricks, so as to avoid damaging the brickwork. For other surface types a site inspection may be required prior to fitment.
  • The minimum ground clearance for pedestrian safety from baskets is 3 metres.

If you require a new or additional bracket(s), please contact us for further details.

For 2021, Chichester City Council and Chichester BID are providing the hanging baskets free of charge to BID levy payers.

The City Council subsidise the cost of the hanging baskets for non-BID levy payers who are asked to pay a contribution to the overall cost of the hanging basket.


  • Please ensure permission is granted by the premises landlord before proceeding with any hanging basket fitment.
  • Chichester City Council will require confirmation in writing that permission for fitment has been authorised.
  • On Listed buildings of special architectural or historic interest, Listed Building Consent will be required for the installation of all new hanging basket wall brackets and Chichester City Council can help you to obtain this consent.


  • Our contractor, WindowFlowers, will maintain hanging baskets on a regular programme consistent with weather variations.
  • Maintenance includes regular watering, feeding and deadheading of flowers. In cases where damage is caused by vandalism/strong shop lighting, replacements will be available.
  • WindowFlowers will also undertake inspection of all brackets, fixings and baskets on a weekly basis and inform Chichester City Council about any defects. 

Insurance liability

Where Chichester City Council contractor supplies and fits the brackets and hanging baskets, insurance liability in the event of a component failure – brackets, fixings and baskets – remains their responsibility.  In all other cases and without exception insurance liability however caused rests with the shop owner/tenant and not Chichester City Council.   

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