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Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is, quite literally, an assembly of the Parish and all those who appear on the electoral roll for the Parish may attend and vote.

The relevant legislation states that a Parish may assemble between 1 March and 1 June each year. The meeting may be convened by the Chairman of the Council (Mayor) or two Parish Councillors or six local government electors for the Parish.

Those on the City Parish electoral roll are entitled to attend and vote.

The City Council tend to hold their Annual Parish Meeting from late April onwards so that a summary of the Council’s accounts can be circulated to those present.

From time to time a guest speaker is present to give a short talk on a matter of local interest but the usual pattern for the meeting is for the Mayor to give an overview of the Council’s year with the four main Committee chairmen giving an update about the work carried out through the various meetings on behalf of the community.

There is also the opportunity for ‘Question and Answer’ session.

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