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Council and Committee calendar

All Council, Committee and Sub-Committee meetings are held in person in the Council House, North Street, Chichester.

Below is the current calendar of meetings. This calendar is subject to change and meetings can be modified or cancelled.

This is the calendar of Council and Committee meetings for 2023-24. You can also download them by clicking the link below:

Members of the public and Press are entitled to attend all meetings with the exception of those that involve discussion of confidential business or personnel matters.

Your attention is also drawn to Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 of the current Chichester City Council Standing Orders, which entitles members of the public resident within the City to put questions to the Chairman at the Full Council meetings.

Please note that, under Standing Order 1(d) and further detailed in Appendix 3 (section 8) of Chichester City Council’s Standing Orders (2020); a resolution may be passed to exclude the public and press from these meetings during any items of a special or confidential nature.

For further information about the meetings, please visit the pages below to see more information about the Council and Committees as well as the published agendas and minutes:

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