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Discretionary Grants – past recipients

Please note: Discretionary Grants were replaced with City Council Community Grants in March 2024

Chichester City Council has been awarding Discretionary Grants to local organisations in support of their work since 2006.

Below is a list of the organisations that have benefitted from Grants awarded by the City Council over the past 10 years.

If you would like any grant information older than this, please contact:

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Award year – 2023-2024

2023-2024Arun and Chichester Citizens Advice£900.00
2023-2024Chestnut Tree House£500.00
2023-2024Chichester BID£2,500.00
2023-2024Chichester Chamber Concerts£500.00
2023-2024Chichester Open Studios£500.00
2023-2024Chichester Pride£1,745.00
2023-2024Chichester Runners and AC£3,000.00
2023-2024Chichester Symphony Orchestre£500.00
2023-2024Chichester Tree Wardens£290.10
2023-2024Festival of Chichester£2,500.00
2023-2024Friends of Speyer£2,500.00
2023-2024Homestart Chichester and District£2,489.00
2023-2024International Relations (Three Cities)£500.00
2023-2024Kingsham Area Action Group£500.00
2023-2024Kitchen Sink Theatre (formerly Ragtime Priory Theatre)£500.00
2023-2024My Sister’s House Women’s Refuge£440.00
2023-2024Parklands Residents Association£1,250.00
2023-2024Rotary Club of Chichester£3,235.00
2023-2024Roussillon Park Residents Association£500.00
2023-2024Second Chance Chichester£1,000.00
2023-2024Terry’s Place£500.00
2023-2024Think 18 (2 grants given)£3,000.00
2023-2024TS Sturdy of the Nautical Training Group£2,373.00
2023-2024UK Harvest£3,000.00
2023-2024West Walls Residents Association (2 grants received)£1,000.00
2023-2024Words Out Loud£500.00
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Award year – 2022-2023

Award YearRecipientGrant awarded
2022-20234Sight Vision Support£1328.40
2022-202312th Chichester Scout Group£500.00
2022-2023Centurion Way Users Group£500.00
2022-2023Chestnut Tree House/St Barnabas Hospices£487.97
2022-2023Chichester BOOKFEST childrens book festival£1360.00
2022-2023Chichester Forest Schools£2120.00
2022-2023Chichester Information Shop for Young People£2000.00
2022-2023Chichester Mens Shed£500.00
2022-2023Chichester Nightingales Army CIC£352.00
2022-2023Chichester Pride£2500.00
2022-2023Chichester Priory Park Cricket Club£2500.00
2022-2023Chichester Symphony Orchestra£500.00
2022-2023Chichester Tree Wardens£488.00
2022-2023Chichester Youth Adventure Trust£350.00
2022-2023Crown Community Pub Hub Ltd£500.00
2022-2023Festival of Chichester£3000.00
2022-2023Life Centre£2430.00
2022-2023Options Pregnancy Counselling Centre£2000.00
2022-2023Priory Park Society£500.00
2022-2023Rotary Club of Chichester Harbour£500.00
2022-2023Royal Sussex Regimental Association£2500.00
2022-2023Sussex Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus£500.00
2022-2023Terry’s Place£1819.00
2022-2023Three Cities£500.00
2022-2023Transition Chichester£1500.00
2022-2023UK Harvest£2000.00
2022-2023West Sussex Mediation Service£500.00
2022-2023West Sussex Scout Council (Supreme Box Kart Event)£1500.00
27 October 2022 – additional £2500 grant pending additional confirmation from applicant
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Award year – 2021-2022

Award YearRecipientGrant awarded
2021-20224Sight Vision Support£734.00
2021-2022Arun & Chichester District CAB£2000.00
2021-2022C.A.R.E. (Charles Avenue Residents Engagement)£500.00
2021-2022C.A.O.S. Musical Productions£390.00
2021-2022Chichester BID£1600.00
2021-2022Chichester Boys Club£1000.00
2021-2022Chichester Chamber Concerts£500.00
2021-2022Chichester City Centre Drop-in£1500.00
2021-2022Chichester Local History Society£1000.00
2021-2022Chichester Marks Holocaust Memorial£2000.00
2021-2022Chichester Symphony Orchestra£500.00
2021-2022Chichester Childrens Book Festival£1020.00
2021-2022Festival of Chichester£2500.00
2021-2022Friends of Valletta£500.00
2021-2022Kingsham Primary School£500.00
2021-2022My Sisters’ House Women’s Refuge£329.00
2021-2022Over the Rainbow£2000.00
2021-2022Rotary Club of Chichester£500.00
2021-2022Second Chance Chichester£500.00
2021-2022Transition Chichester£1000.00
2021-2022Tyler’s Trust£1000.00
2021-2022Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester£1000.00
2021-2022West Sussex Mediation Service£500.00
2021-2022West Walls Residents’ Assocation£306.00
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Award year – 2020-2021

Award YearRecipientGrant awarded
2020-2021 Arun & Chichester District CAB£1500.00
2020-2021 Chestnut Tree House£1833.33
2020-2021 Chichester Counselling Services£2000.00
2020-2021 Chichester Forest Schools£2599.00
2020-2021 Chichester Information Shop for Young People£2142.86
2020-2021 Chichester Nightingale Army£3000.00
2020-2021 Chichester Youth Adventure Trust£1250.00
2020-2021 Chichester Childrens Book Festival£778.57
2020-2021 Festival of Chichester£1625.00
2020-2021 HomeStart Chichester and District£2666.67
2020-2021 Life Centre£2245.71
2020-2021 Options Pregnancy Counselling Centre£2214.29
2020-2021 SPRING£1750.00
2020-2021 Stonepillow£3283.33
2020-2021 The Four Streets Project£5000.00
2020-2021 UK Harvest£2860.41
2021-2022West Sussex Scout Council£1250.00
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Award year – 2019-2020

Award YearRecipientGrant awarded
2019-2020 416 (Chichester) RAF Air Cadets£1000.00
2019-2020 Arun & Chichester District Citizens’ Advice£1800.00
2019-2020Bernstein in Chichester£2000.00
2019-2020 Chichester City Tours£500.00
2019-2020 Chichester Forest Schools£2000.00
2019-2020 Chichester Lunch Club£500.00
2019-2020 Chichester Nursery School£1000.00
2019-2020 Chichester Symphony Orchestra£420.00
2019-2020Chichester Childrens Book Festival£500.00
2019-2020 City Angels£2500.00
2019-2020 Cruse Bereavement Care (Chichester & Arun Branch)£1000.00
2019-2020 Festival of Chichester£1500.00
2019-2020 Friends of Priory Park£750.00
2019-2020 Homestart Chichester and District£3000.00
2019-2020International Relations “Three Cities” Working Group£200.00
2019-2020 Options Pregnancy and Counselling Centre£2000.00
2019-2020St Pauls Church and Parish Centre£500.00
2019-2020Swanfield Park Youth Club£495.00
2019-2020The Four Streets Project£2000.00
2019-2020Transition Chichester£550.00
2019-2020West Sussex Mediation Service£500
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Award year – 2018-2019

Award YearRecipientGrant awarded
2018-20195th Chichester Scout Group£2000.00
2018-2019 Chichester City Centre Dropin£3000.00
2018-2019 Chichester Forest Schools£2400.00
2018-2019 Chichester Information Shop for Young People£3000.00
2018-2019 Chichester Lunch Club£720.00
2018-2019 City Angels£5000.00
2018-2019 Embrace Chichester£1000.00
2018-2019 focus arts£400.00
2018-2019 Friends of Chartres£1000.00
2018-2019 Friends of Priory Park£2500.00
2018-2019 Homestart Chichester & District£2980.00
2018-2019 Options Pregnancy and Counselling Centre£1500.00
2018-2019 Royal Sussex Regimental Association£3000.00
2018-2019 Swanfield Park Residents’ Neighbourhood Group£500.00
2018-2019 West Sussex Scout Council (Supreme Box Kart Event)£1000.00
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Award year – 2017-2018

Award YearRecipientGrant awarded
2017-20185th Chichester Scout Group (Supreme Box Kart Event)£600.00
2017-2018 Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice£1800.00
2017-2018 Bernstein in Chichester£1800.00
2017-2018 Chichester City Band£1000.00
2017-2018 Chichester City Tours£800.00
2017-2018 Chichester Information Shop for Young People£3000.00
2017-2018 Chichester Lunch Club£1500.00
2017-2018 Cruse Bereavement Care, Chichester & Arun Branch£1000.00
2017-2018 Festival of Chichester£2500.00
2017-2018 Friends of Chartres£600.00
2017-2018 Holocaust Memorial Day£2500.00
2017-2018 Homestart Chichester & District£5000.00
2017-2018 International Relations – Three Cities Working Group£443.00
2017-2018 Life Centre£2500.00
2017-2018 Options Pregnancy Counselling Centre£1200.00
2017-2018Sussex Otters Swimming Club£600.00
2017-2018Transition Chichester£657.00
2017-2018Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester£2500.00
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Award year – 2016-2017

Award YearRecipientGrant awarded
2016-20175th Chichester Scout Group (Supreme Box Kart Event)£500.00
2016-2017 Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice£1800.00
2016-2017 Chichester Baptist Church£1850.00
2016-2017 Chichester Chamber Concerts£500.00
2016-2017 Chichester Community Development Trust£1830.00
2016-2017 Chichester Forest Schools£5000.00
2016-2017 Chichester Rugby Football Club£1500.00
2016-2017 Chichester Stroke Club£500.00
2016-2017 Chichester Symphony Orchestra£320.00
2016-2017 Chichester Youth Adventure Trust£2000.00
2016-2017 Festival of Chichester£2300.00
2016-2017Friends of Priory Park£1632.00
2016-2017 Friends of Wrenford Centre£3000.00
2016-2017 Homestart Chichester and District£3000.00
2016-2017 International Relations – Three Cities Working Group£500.00
2016-2017Lavant Parish Council£312.00
2016-2017Options Pregnancy Counselling Centre£1500.00
2016-2017Outset Youth Action£1000.00
2016-2017PACSO (Parents and Carers Support Organisation)£5000.00
2016-2017RELATE North and South West Sussex£2500.00
2016-2017Rotary Club of Chichester£500.00
2016-2017Sammy Community Transport£5000.00
2016-2017Sussex Otters Swimming Club£700
2016-2017Transition Chichester£1000.00
2016-2017Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester£2500.00
2016-2017Westgate Residents Association£2688.00
2016-2017West Sussex Mediation Service£400.00
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Award year – 2015-2016

Award YearRecipientGrant awarded
2015-20165th Chichester Scout Group (Supreme Box Kart Event)£500.00
2015-2016 Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice£1800.00
2015-2016 Bognor and Chichester Voice£1000.00
2015-2016 Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre£300.00
2015-2016 Chichester Bowls Club£3500.00
2015-2016 Chichester City Band£2071.00
2015-2016 Chichester City Centre Partnership£3000.00
2015-2016 Chichester City Tours£400.00
2015-2016 Chichester Counselling Services£1238.00
2015-2016 Chichester Garden-Fest£1000.00
2015-2016 Chichester Information Shop for Young People£3000.00
2015-2016Chichester Players£500.00
2015-2016 Chichester Canal Trust£5000.00
2015-2016 Festival of Chichester£1600.00
2015-2016 focus:arts£475.00
2015-2016Friends of Chartres£600.00
2015-2016Friends of Wrenford Centre£3000.00
2015-2016Homestart Chichester and District£2500.00
2015-2016International Relations – Three Cities Working Group£400.00
2015-2016Life Centre£2500.00
2015-2016PACSO (Parents and Carers Support Organisation)£1500.00
2015-2016Parklands Residents’ Association£1200.00
2015-2016Rotary Club of Chichester£500.00
2015-2016Rotary Club of Chichester Priory£500.00
2015-2016SAGE Counselling£1000.00
2015-2016St James Allotment Association£1000.00
2015-2016St Wilfrids Hospice£3920.00
2015-2016Transition Chichester£1000.00
2015-2016Voluntary Action Arun and Chichester£2500.00
2015-2016Workers Education Association (WEA)£550.00
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Award year – 2014-2015

Award YearRecipientGrant awarded
2014-2015Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice£1800.00
2014-2015 Arun Speakers Club (Chichester)£250.00
2014-2015 Chichester and Bognor Branch MS Society£600.00
2014-2015 Chichester Chamber Concerts£300.00
2014-2015 Chichester City Band£2500.00
2014-2015 Chichester City Centre Dropin£1000.00
2014-2015 Chichester City Tours£500.00
2014-2015 Chichester Information Shop for Young People£2500.00
2014-2015 Chichester Peace Festival£400.00
2014-2015 Chichester Ship Canal Trust£1000.00
2014-2015 City Angels£5000.00
2014-2015Cloth Nappy Library£498.00
2014-2015Festival of Chichester£1833.00
2014-2015Friends of Chartres£1000.00
2014-2015Friends of Priory Park£300.00
2014-2015International Relations – Three Cities Working Group£1200.00
2014-2015Italy Star Association£2000.00
2014-2015Life Centre£2000.00
2014-2015Murray Club£1250.00
2014-2015New Park Community and Arts Association£5000.00
2014-2015Options Pregnancy Counselling Centre£800.00
2014-2015Outset Youth Action£1000.00
2014-2015Rotary Club of Chichester£500.00
2014-2015Rotary Club of Chichester Priory£500.00
2014-2015SAGE Counselling£1000.00
2014-2015Sammy Community Transport£5000.00
2014-2015Singing for Health/Lifemusic£1000.00
2014-2015South Downs Planetarium£4650.00
2014-2015St Wilfrids Hospice£3444.00
2014-2015Sussex Otters Swimming Club£500.00
2014-2015Taste & Savour Ltd£2000.00
2014-2015Transition Chichester£1000.00
2014-2015Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester£1000.00
2014-2015West Sussex Mediation Service£500.00
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Award year – 2013-2014

Award YearRecipientGrant awarded
2013-2014Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice£1800.00
2013-2014 Chichester Boys Club£5000.00
2013-2014 Chichester Cinema at New Park£1000.00
2013-2014 Chichester City Band£500.00
2013-2014 Chichester Information Shop for Young People£2500.00
2013-2014 Chichester Peace Festival£500.00
2013-2014 Chichester Tree Wardens Group£390.00
2013-2014 Children & Family Centre – Young Parents£300.00
2013-2014 Cloth Nappy Library£500.00
2013-2014 Consort of Twelve£360.00
2013-2014 Cruse Bereavement Care – Chichester and Arun Branch£500.00
2013-2014Dynamix Crew£660.00
2013-2014Festival of Chichester£1500.00
2013-2014Fire Safety Friends of Kursk£500.00
2013-2014Friends of Chartres£1000.00
2013-2014International Relations – Three Cities Working Group£1000.00
2013-2014Murray Club£368.00
2013-2014Music on Sundays£360.00
2013-2014New Park Community and Arts Association£5000.00
2013-2014PACSO (Prostate Cancer Awareness Support Organisation)£1181.00
2013-2014Parents and Teachers Association – Portfield Primary School£300.00
2013-2014Patient Participation Group (PPG) – Lavant Road Surgery£890.00
2013-2014Regis Troopers£1650.00
2013-2014Rotary Club of Chichester£500.00
2013-2014Royal Sussex Regimental Asssociation£4000.00
2013-2014Sammy Community Transport£5000.00
2013-2014South Downs Planetarium£5000.00
2013-2014St Wilfrids Hospice£3000.00
2013-2014Swanfield Park Residents Neighbourhood Group£500.00
2013-2014The Friends of St Johns Chapel£750.00
2013-2014Transition Chichester£750.00
2013-2014Visit Chichester£3000.00
2013-2014Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester£2500.00
2013-2014West Sussex Mediation Service£400.00
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Award year – 2012-2013

Award YearRecipientGrant awarded
2012-20134Sight (West & 6:21 Sussex Association for the Blind)£500.00
2012-2013 5th Chichester Scout Group (Supreme Box Kart Event)£1000.00
2012-2013 Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice£1800.00
2012-2013 Chichester & Bognor Branch MS Society£1000.00
2012-2013 Chichester Chamber Concerts£200.00
2012-2013 Chichester City & District Guides£500.00
2012-2013 Chichester City Band£1000.00
2012-2013 Children Counselling Services£800.00
2012-2013 Chichester Harbour and Selsey Sea Cadets£500.00
2012-2013 Chichester Information Shop for Young People£2000.00
2012-2013 Chichester Rifle & Pistol Club£250.00
2012-2013Cruse Bereavement Care, Chichester & Arun Branch£500.00
2012-2013Friends of Chartres£500.00
2012-2013Friends of Wrenford Centre£3000.00
2012-2013International Relations – Three Cities Working Group£950.00
2012-2013Life Centre£2000.00
2012-2013New Park Community and Arts Association£2000.00
2012-2013Noahs Ark Mother and Toddler Group£331.00
2012-2013Otter Memorial Papers£300.00
2012-2013Oxmarket Centre of Arts£1500.00
2012-2013PACSO (Prostate Cancer Awareness Support Organisation)£820.00
2012-2013RICKS PHAB Club£300.00
2013-2012Rotary Club of Chichester£250.00
2012-2012Sammy Community Transport£3000.00
2012-2013St Wilfrids Hospice£2493.00
2012-2013Sussex Otters Swimming Club£500.00
2012-2013Transition Chichester£500.00
2012-2013Voluntary Action Arun and Chichester£2500.00
2012-2013West Sussex Mediation Service£400.00
2012-2013Whyke Estate Community Assocation£4750.00
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