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Covid-19 Civic Awards

In 2020, Chichester City Council created a new Covid-19 Civic award to acknowledge the contribution of individuals, groups and organisations towards the well being of the people and City of Chichester during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

It was intended to recognise those individuals, groups and organisations who had gone above and beyond to ensure that friends and neighbours were supported and cared for, vulnerable people were looked after and life continued during these difficult times.

Nominations were sought from members of public with decisions being made by the Members of the City Council in August 2021.

The Awards were presented by the Mayor and Mayoress of Chichester, Councillors John and Cherry Hughes, at a specially arranged event called Over the Rainbow that was held in Priory Park on 30 September 2021.

The Award recipients were:

  • Marjory Greig
  • Susie Jerwood
  • Adam Hewitt
  • Ash Pal
  • Clare de Bathe
  • Ruth Taunt
  • Lynne and Bruce Brechin
  • Chris Spink
  • O’Hagan’s Sausages
  • Debbie Carter
  • Farley Glue
  • Martin Hopkins
  • Linda Hicks
  • Matine Carver
  • Satoko Suzuki
  • Paula Chatfield
  • Liz Woodsell
  • Greg Slay
  • Joanne Kondabeka
  • Matthew O’Shea
  • Joyce Loten
  • Nick Sutherland
  • Declan Moody
  • Piers Taylor
  • Sarah Hughes
  • Gina Jelley
  • CCS Team, Chichester District Council

The Award nominations are currently closed.

The original intention was that the Awards would be a one off event and no decision has been taken at this time about a second round of Awards.

If you have any questions, please contact Chichester City Council using the contact form on this website, by emailing

Alternatively, you can find the address and telephone number at the bottom of this page.

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