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Reports & Policies

Business Plan

The City Council’s Business Plan (PDF download) outlines the areas in which the Council operates, both statutory and discretionary and expresses the Council’s intention in respect of each area over the next four years. A list of actions completed, abandoned or on-going are also included in the Business Plan.

Annual Report

The Annual Report is produced in time for the Annual Parish Meeting and will include an overview of the year by the Mayor of Chichester, reports on each of the Standing Committees and draft accounts for the financial year.

Town Plan

The City Council has produced a revised Chichester Town Plan ‘Towards a Vision for Chichester’ (PDF download) which is based on the views of City Residents, Workers, Students and Visitors; Social Economic Groups in the City; and the Working Group Members. The Summersdale Neighbourhood Character Appraisal (PDF download) document was adopted by Chichester City Council at its meeting on 9 July 2008 and will be as an Annexe to the Chichester Town Plan.

Chichester City Impacts Study

Chichester City Council commissioned Hyland Edgar Driver, Landscape Architect and Urban Design practice based in Winchester, to undertake an independent study on the potential impacts of the proposed housing developments around Chichester.

The Impacts Study was presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday 10 April 2013.

Community Assets Project

On behalf of Chichester City Council, local resident Mr Richard Cole carried out a Community Assets Project which was to identify what the citizens of Chichester value about their own immediate area, about the city and its setting and what improvements they think should be made to the City.

The findings of both the Impact Study and Community Assets Project will contribute towards the City Council’s response to Chichester District Council’s consultation on the new Local Plan for the district.

Chichester City Council Standing Orders

These are the rules that govern how the City Council operates and are used in parallel with the City Council’s Financial Regulations. These were last updated and adopted by Council in September 2020.

Chichester City Council Financial Regulations

Used in conjunction with the general Standing Orders, these Regulations govern how the City Council manages its finances and conducts business with other organisations.

Chichester City Council – Members Code of Conduct – February 2021

A modified version of the Local Government Associations Model Councillor Code of Conduct, was adopted by Chichester City Council on 17 February 2021.

Chichester City Council Co-option policy – September 2022

Details of the co-option process and policy for use when a casual vacancy on the City Council is to be filled using this process.

Chichester City Council Health and Safety policy – June 2023

Chichester City Council Member Officer Protocol – June 2023

Chichester City Council Complaints Procedure – revised December 2023

Chichester City Council Model Publication Scheme and Model Publication Scheme schedule of information available – December 2023

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