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Community Affairs


The Community Affairs Committee meet five times during a year and will hold a Special Meeting of the Committee in April to determine Discretionary Grant Applications. Additional Special Meetings for Discretionary Grants may be held later in the year if a balance remains in the Grants budget.

The Committee will consider, make recommendations and decisions as authorised on all matters concerning community relations, including Mayoral appointments, representation on outside bodies, tourism, emergency planning, local rights and traditions, and the maintenance of appropriately high standards of amenities and facilities provided for the City by other authorities and organisations; allocation of grants for projects from the Discretionary Grant Budget; City floral planting and all other matters relevant to the interests of the City not falling within the Terms of Reference of one of the other Standing Committees.

For 2022-2023, membership consists of 10 Councillors:

Councillor Clare Apel (Chairman)
Councillor Cherry Hughes (Vice-Chairman)
Councillor Debbie Carter
Councillor Craig Gershater
Councillor Sarah Lishman
Councillor Sarah Sharp
The Mayor (Councillor Julian Joy)
The Deputy Mayor (Councillor Richard Plowman)
Chairman of the Finance Committee (Councillor Anne Scicluna)
Chairman of the Planning & Conservation Committee (Councillor Sarah Quail)

Agendas are published for the current year only.

Minutes are available in online and PDF formats from 1 September 2018 to the present. For minutes older than that, only PDF download is available.

If you need any older minutes in an alternative format, please contact:

Agendas 2022/2023

Minutes 2022/2023

Minutes 2021/2022

Minutes 2020/2021

Minutes 2019/2020

Minutes 2018/2019

Minutes 2017/2018 – PDF download only

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