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Consultation on Planning Applications

Chichester City Council, as a Parish Council, is consulted on all planning applications within the parish by the Local Planning Authority, Chichester District Council (CDC), and the County Planning Authority, West Sussex County Council (WSCC).

CDC application consultations to the City Council typically number in excess of 500 per year. WSCC applications within the city are relatively few (less than 10 per year) and only relate to minerals, waste or the County Council’s own developments (such as schools or fire stations).

As the City Council does not have the resource to comment on every application, the applications which have the least potential for impact upon matters of public interest, and applications which require specific arboricultural or legal assessment, are screened by the planning adviser. Those screened out include applications relating to trees, minor householder applications, and legal determinations as to whether planning permission is required or whether a development is lawful. The remaining applications are heard at the City Council’s Planning Committee.

Any Councillor, Tree Warden or member of the public may request that a particular application is heard at committee.

The Planning Committee comprises City Councillors, elected by you. They are assisted in formulating their responses to planning applications by a professional planning advisor who assesses the applications and makes a recommendation as to whether to object to the application. An objection by the City Council will normally mean that the planning application must be determined by CDC’s planning committee, except in cases of tree applications or householder development which may still be determined by a planning officer.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the relevant City Council Planning Committee and they may address the committee for a maximum of three minutes on any application

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