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Finance Committee


The Finance Committee meet six times during a year including a meeting in November to discuss the Budget for the following financial year.

The Committee consider, make recommendations and decisions as authorised on all financial and property related matters.

The Terms of Reference outline the structure, role, responsibilities and authorities delegated by Council; for the Planning and Conservation Committee and can be seen here: Terms of Reference – Finance Committee (March 2024)

For 2024-2025, membership consists of 6 Councillors:

  • Cllr Robert Miall (LD) – Chair
  • Cllr Anne Scicluna (LD) – Vice-Chair
  • Cllr Maureen Corfield (LD)
  • Cllr Stuart Loxton (LD)
  • Cllr Louise Pramas (LD)
  • Cllr Ken Squire (LD)

In accordance with Standing Order 15 of the City Council’s Standing Orders (September 2020, amended March 2024), the only Ex-Officio voting member of the Standing Committees is the Chair of the Council.

  • The Mayor – (Councillor Sarah Quail)

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee will be elected at the first meeting of the Committee in the 2024-2025 Council year.

The meeting times will also be decided at the first meeting of the Committee in the 2024-2025 Council year.

Agendas are published and linked to separately for the current year only.

Links to agendas and papers for previous years are currently being added to the appropriate minutes pages.

Minutes are available in online and PDF formats from 1 September 2018 to the present. For minutes older than that, only PDF download is available.

If you need any older minutes in an alternative format, please contact:

Agendas 2024/2025

Minutes 2024/2025

Minutes 2023/2024

Minutes 2022/2023

Minutes 2021/2022

Minutes 2020/2021

Minutes 2019/2020

Minutes 2018/2019

Minutes 2017/2018 – PDF download only

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