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Minutes – Planning and Conservation Working Group – 24 June 2021

The minutes of this meeting are presented below.

You can also download a PDF copy of the minutes here: Minutes – Planning and Conservation Working Group – 24 June 2021



  • Councillor Plowman (Chairman)
  • Councillor Quail (Vice-Chairman)
  • Councillor Gaskin
  • Councillor Gershater


  • The Mayor (Councillor J Hughes)
  • Councillor Scicluna (Chairman of the Finance Working Group)


  • Councillor Bell
  • Town Clerk
  • Property Manager
  • Planning Adviser
  • Member Services Support Officer
  • West Sussex County Councillor Oakley
  • Kerry Simmons (Smith Simmons and Partners)

The Chairman announced that Councillor Gershater had agreed to join the Planning and Conservation Working Group. Councillor Gershater was welcomed by the other Members present.


AGREED that the notes of the meeting held on 27 May 2021, having been printed and circulated, be approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record at a later date.


Apologies for absence were received from The Deputy Mayor (Councillor Joy) and Councillor Apel (Chairman of Community Affairs Working Group)

Councillor Turbefield was absent from the meeting.


Councillor Plowman declared a personal interest as a Member of Chichester District Council and also as a member of Chichester Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CCAAC).

Councillor Scicluna declared a personal interest as a member of CCAAC.


To consider the following proposal:

49-51 Fishbourne Road East

1-38 (consec, excl. no.13) Wayland Gardens, Fishbourne Road East, Chichester, PO19 tbc

In memory of Alan Wayland, who passed away in 2015. He was a long-term employee of Downland Housing and a Chichester resident. He was involved in the construction of the office complex that this site is replacing and worked there for many years. His widow has given consent for her husband’s name to be remembered in this way.

The Property Manager gave the Working Group a brief background for the reasons for the naming request.

Members were advised that the new development would be a mix of apartments and houses and that the Fishbourne Road East part of the address would not need to be retained once the development had been completed.

The Working Group was supportive of the proposal with some personal reminiscences being made by Members.

After a short discussion, it was RESOLVED to accept the proposed naming of 1-38 Wayland Gardens in memory of Alan Wayland.


CC/21/01354/FUL – Case Officer: Calum Thomas

10 Lavant Road Chichester PO19 5RQ
Construction of 1 no. dwelling, detached garage and associated works (alternative to planning permission CC/19/00181/FUL).

The Planning Adviser gave a presentation outlining the proposal and its main planning considerations, including increased visual impact as objected to by neighbours.

The Planning Agent made a statement in favour of the application, responded to the comments that had been made by the Planning Adviser and reminded Members that objection comments, particularly the visualisations and pictures, may be inaccurate in scale and detail.

After a discussion by the Working Group it was RESOLVED to object to the planning application as follows:

Objection. The design and appearance of the proposed building, its orientation and bulk relate poorly to its surrounds, resulting in poor legibility, a lack of interaction and natural surveillance, and an overbearing impact upon neighbours. The proposal would harm the character and appearance of the area.


CC/21/00841/FUL – Case Officer: Vicki Baker

Cellnex And EE Ltd and Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
Telecommunications Site 1498802  Whitehouse Farm  Old Broyle Farm Chichester
Removal of existing telecommunications mast and installation of new 20 metre mast including transfer of existing apparatus to new mast and installation of 3 no. additional antennas and associated apparatus and ancillary works.

Members discussed the proposal and expressed concerns about the vicinity of the proposed taller mast to residential properties as well as the significant impact it would have on the surrounding landscape.

It was subsequently RESOLVED to object as follows:

Strong objection. The site is inappropriate for a mast of 20m (plus antennae). The site is within what will soon be a residential area and the proposed substantial mast, together with its numerous antennae atop, would tower over the surrounding dwellings, its incongruous, overly industrial appearance and scale having a significant impact upon residents and the character and amenity of the area. Consideration should be given to the masterplan for the area and the local constraints and opportunities. An alternative to the significant height increase in this location should be sought. Replacing the mast with antennae on the taller buildings within the Whitehouse Farm development would cause significantly less visual harm and this possibility should be pursued in the first instance. If this is not possible, the operator should seek to relocate the mast closer to the industrial area of the Whitehouse Farm development and/or to the vicinity of a taller tree line, where the impact of such a substantial structure would not be so harmful to residential amenity.


CC/21/01309/FUL and CC/21/01310/ADV – Case Officer: Calum Thomas

TH UK & Ireland Ltd
Pizza Hut Restaurant, Portfield Way Chichester PO19 7WT
– Full planning permission for the installation of a drive-thru lane and associated engineering works, including alterations to car parking, bin store and servicing arrangements and associated changes to landscaping. Minor alterations to the building and elevations including recladding. Advertisement consent for replacement signage.
– Display of 6 no. internally illuminated fascia signs, 1 no. internally illuminated “totem” sign, 3 no. internally illuminated “information” signs, 1 no. non-illuminated “information” sign and 1 internally illuminated height restrictor sign.

The Working Group discussed the matters surrounding this application and concerns about the effect it would have on the surrounding area, after which, it was RESOLVED to object as follows:

Strong objection. The Transport Assessment is insufficiently detailed and there is concern that another drive-through facility in this small area will exacerbate the existing problem with cars queueing onto the highway at peak times. A wider site solution should be investigated to resolve this. The internally illuminated signage is excessive, its nature, scale and siting would detrimentally affect the character and appearance of the area, creating a motorist-focussed character which has thus far been carefully avoided; it may also cause harm to highway safety.


CC/21/01391/FUL – Case Officer: Jane Thatcher

St James Industrial Estate Westhampnett Road Chichester West Sussex
– Redevelopment of the existing industrial estate, including demolition of the existing buildings. The scheme provides approximately 4448m2 (47877ft) of lettable industrial space all under B1(b), B1(c) and B8 use classes with 5 no. replacement buildings.
– Variation of Condition 1 of planning permission CC/20/01914/FUL
– Changes to Block 1 from one single large unit into 10 smaller units and associated works.

Members were advised that, further to the original application where unit 1 had been intended for a single occupier, it was now proposed to split the building into 10 smaller units.

The Planning Adviser informed the Working Group that the original application had been approved despite objections to the scale and impact of the unit 1 building which was considered acceptable by the decision maker, Chichester District Council in part because of the nature of its single-occupier warehouse use which necessitated such proportions. This application re-opened the weighing up of benefits, impacts and justification, and members would need to determine whether the scale and impact of the unit 1 building was still acceptable given its proposed revised use as 10 smaller units, which could be accommodated in a building of lesser scale and impact.

After a short discussion by the Working Group, it was RESOLVED to object to the planning application as follows:

Objection. The huge height and scale of unit 1, and its consequent impact upon the attractive residential character and appearance of the area was only acceptable because it was necessary in order to serve its proposed purpose as a large-scale single-operator warehouse building. Whilst we would not object to the principle of 10 smaller units being provided instead, the fact must be addressed that ten small units no longer justify the huge scale and height of the unit 1 building. If the building’s significant scale and impacts are no longer necessary or justified by its proposed use, it should be redesigned at a more suitable scale without the now unjustified impacts upon the local area and its community.


CC/21/00876/FUL – Case Officer: Vicki Baker

Langley House, 27 West Street Chichester PO19 1RW
– Proposed demolition of existing waiting room conservatory and steps. Construction of new extension to include waiting area, 4 no. consulting rooms, and disabled WC.
– External ramp serving alternative exit.
– External landscaping including new paths and reconfigured garden layout.

The Planning Adviser outlined the proposals being put forward to extend the clinical capacity of the existing GP surgery at 27 West Street, Chichester.

Members discussed a number of issues including access, the proposed disabled access ramp, construction access over a listed wall, loss of the garden space, the design aesthetic of the proposed extension and compliance of the new space with distancing and other guidelines in place for the pandemic. The Working Group also raised concerns such as car parking and the impact on city centre traffic of White House Farm patients having to travel into the city to attend expanded surgery provision.

After a further discussion, it was RESOLVED to object to the planning application as follows:

Objection to the principle of extension to the surgery or intensification of use of the building and the resultant impact on parking, traffic, use of accesses and neighbouring amenity. Should the LPA be minded to approve the proposal, the design and appearance should be revised in order to minimise any impact on the character and appearance of the listed building and conservation area, which the proposal does not preserve or enhance. Traditional flat or low profile rooflights should be proposed, and the pre-fabricated, panelled appearance of the building significantly contributed to by the cladding above and below the windows should be addressed, with more consistent use of appropriate materials and finishes across the building’s facades.


CC/21/01379/LBC and CC/21/01680/FUL – Case Officer: Vicki Baker

Mr Peter Roberts
The Council House North Street Chichester PO19 1LQ
Proposed installation of 17 no. solar panels to the south elevation of roof.

The Planning Adviser informed the Working Group that, as this was the City Council’s own application, it would not necessarily be appropriate to comment but Members were asked to note the application.

The application was noted by the Working Group.


The Chairman gave a short summary of the progress being made by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

He advised Members that the new Structure of the Steering Group was now operational.

He also advised that the PLACE surveys were progressing well and explained that these involved input from the community, supported by the “community group” subsection of the Steering Group.

Members were informed that 10 PLACE studies had been proposed so far with five of these having been completed to date.

The Working Group were also informed that this work would inform the “experts group” who would add to or analyse the information provided in due course and subsequent to that this would advise the “policy group” who would incorporate this into draft policy for the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Chairman advised Members that regular Steering Group meetings were being held and minutes uploaded to the website with the next meeting due to take place on 25 June 2021.


The Chairman reported that, as part of the discussions with the developer regarding phase 1 of the development, he had been advising them about the allotment provision that would be included on the site. He also reported that the developers had been receptive to suggestions and that there were also plans to include a community orchard on the site.

Members were then advised that the developers were now seeking outline planning permission for phase 2 of the development.

The Chairman informed the Working Group that a timetable for consultation was being made available and that it was expected that the outline planning application would be submitted in September-October 2021.

He further informed the Working Group that the consultation dates would be as follows:

First ‘Part 2’ CLG meeting – Introduction and exhibition preview

Wednesday 30th June 2021 @ 18:00

Public ‘Virtual’ exhibition goes live

Thursday 1st July 2021

Second CLG meeting – Southern Access Road

Thursday 8th July 2021 @ 18:00

Third CLG meeting – Part 2 Masterplan

Thursday 15th July 2021 @ 18:00

Close of Virtual exhibition and last day to submit feedback

22nd July 2021 @ Midnight.

Members were advised that the discussions to date so far about phase 2 appeared to be being better informed by the lessons learned from phase 1, including building a community that works and inclusion of climate change measures.


  • Local Plan update
  • Neighbourhood Plan
  • Whitehouse Farm


The meeting closed at 3.22pm

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