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Minutes – Property Sub-Committee – 1 April 2019

The minutes of this meeting are presented below.

You can also download a PDF copy of the minutes here: Minutes – Property Sub-Committee – 1 April 2019



  • Councillor Dignum
  • Councillor French
  • Councillor Scicluna


  • The Mayor (Councillor Bell)
  • The Deputy Mayor (Councillor Tupper)


  • Councillor Kilby
  • Councillor Sharp


  • Councillor M Evans


  • Property Manager
  • Senior Property Maintenance Officer


The Minutes of the Property Sub-Committee meeting held on 8 January 2019, having been circulated were signed by the Chairman as a correct record.

The Property Manager’s report had been circulated to all members with the Agenda in connection with the Agenda items.


(a) Mayoral Car Park

The Property Manager advised that the parking restrictions on the Mayoral Car Park are now in place and permits have been issued to all members and staff authorised to use the Mayor’s Car Park. So far two Penalty Charge Notices have been sent for unauthorised use of the car park.

(b) Roof Lantern

The Property Manager advised that Listed Building Consent application has been submitted for replacement of the roof lantern and a decision is awaited.

The Sub-Committee requested that Councillor Kilby ask Chichester District Council Planning Officers for an update on progress.

(c) External Building Survey

A detailed survey of the exterior elements of the building had been carried out by Fuller Associates and a draft report received. The report highlighted a fairly significant amount of essential repair works required to the roof covering (especially above the Council Chamber), chimney stacks, brickwork and external joinery. Fuller Associates has quoted to provide detailed specification and tender documentation, including annotated construction drawings, and manage the tender process and advise on selection of contractor for the sum of £3,000. To administer, supervise and project manage the contracted works they have quoted £500 per week, with an estimated duration of 6-8 weeks (£3,000 – £4,000). The total cost for both stages would therefore be in the region of £6,000 – £7,000.

The Property Manager advised that Richard Glover, who has previously undertaken work for the City Council had now retired so Fuller Associates had been engaged for the works.

The Property Manager was recommending that Fuller Associates be instructed to proceed with Stage 1 (Specification and tender process), with Stage 2 pending selection of contractor. Professional fees and building works to be funded from The Council House Reserve.

The Sub-Committee discussed the fees and financial commitment.

It was RECOMMENDED to the Finance Committee that Fuller Associates be engaged to manage the tender process for an initial fee of £3000 and an on-going fee of £500 per week to manage the contracted works to a maximum estimated £7000.

(d) CCTV

The Property Manager reported that following the recent forced entry into the rear office the old B&W CCTV cameras had been upgraded at the cost of £685 to full colour high definition cameras giving a superior field of vision.

The Property Manager further reported that the building locking procedure had been modified to improve the security of the office spaces.

(e) Public Drinking Fountain

The Property Manager explained that he met with a technical engineer from AquaAid who had visited the Council House to survey the public areas of the building to assess the feasibility of installing a drinking water fountain. It was advised that, unfortunately, there wasn’t a suitable location for easy access for the public that has an electrical and water supply close by. To install a foundation would entail a significant amount of work and would disturb the historic fabric of the building.

The Sub-Committee discussed this matter and it was noted that the facility for members of the public to have their bottles refilled from the tap by City Council staff had always been offered.


(a) Update

Twenty three tenants had terminated their tenancy since 1 January 2019 and 43 plots had been re-let. A number of historically overgrown plots had been cleared for re-letting at St James allotment site with some being divided into smaller plots that would be more manageable for inexperienced tenants. Currently, across all seven sites, there were 381 plots tenanted, 11 vacant and 66 people on the waiting list.

(b) Rents

The Property Manager advised that the rental invoices had been sent out for the 2019/20 rental year, together with a Newsletter and a copy of the updated Allotment Rules & Guidelines booklet. 


(a) Lighting

The Property Manager advised that views on the proposed lighting had been sought from residents who overlook Litten Gardens and the responses received were supportive.  The Chichester District Council’s Historic Buildings Officer had no objection to the lighting columns but was opposed to the spot lighting of the War Memorial.  However, this was the only objection to this proposal.

The design had considered the effect it may have on wildlife and bats in the area and had met with the approval of the Chichester District Council’s Archaeological Officer.  The lighting could be installed under Permitted Development Rights.

The cost to install 8 Heritage lighting columns, including groundworks and new electrical supply, was £27,258.69. To install the 4 ground fixed spotlights to illuminate the War Memorial (the element opposed by the Historic Buildings Officer) would cost an additional £8,627.21, making a total project cost of £35,885.90.

The Property Manager recommended that the lighting columns are installed but the ground fixed spotlights are omitted.  Therefore the total cost of the project would be £27,258.69.

The Sub-Committee asked the Property Manager to continue investigating the spotlight option for the future, including solar powered lighting, and was subsequently advised that as there would be a power supply within Litten Gardens, the spotlight option could be added at a later date.

It was RECOMMENDED to the Finance Committee that the installation of 8 Heritage lighting columns and the associated works at Litten Gardens proceed at a cost of £27,258.69 which would be funded from CIL Receipts (Council Minute 36 refers).

(b) Tree Planting

The Sub-Committee noted that a Prunus Umineko (flowering cherry) and a Malus Rudolph (Crab Apple) had been planted in Litten Gardens to replace two diseased trees that had to be felled. The Prunus Umineko was to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the twinning between Chichester and Chartres and the Malus Rudolph was planted as a memorial tree.

(c) War Memorial

The Property Manager had applied for Listed Building Consent to add an additional name to the War Memorial at a cost of £343.75; the name to be added was Hopkyns T.G. – South Africa).  Listed Building Consent approval had now been received.

A section of the perimeter stone kerb had been damaged due to a blemish in the stone and that this would be repaired by Traditional Stone Restoration Ltd free of charge.

It was RECOMMENDED to the Finance Committee that the work to add the additional name on the War Memorial proceed in the sum of £343.75 and be funded from the Repairs to War Memorial budget.

(d) Maurice Patten Statue

The Property Manager explained that Vincent Gray, a local sculptor, had offered to donate the resin sculpture of Private Maurice Patten, currently being displayed in the Cathedral Cloisters garden, to the City Council for display in Litten Gardens.

The Property Manager had agreed in principle a suitable location in Litten Gardens and had obtained a quote from Traditional Stone Restoration Ltd to install a Caen stone plinth to the same design as the resin plinth the sculpture is currently mounted upon at a cost of approximately £2,200.

The Property Manager reported that The Chichester Rotary Club had provisionally offered to fund the cost of relocating the sculpture to Litten Gardens but has yet to confirm the details.

The Sub-Committee discussed the location and logistics of moving the statue and who would be responsible for the re-locating. The Property Manager advised that due to additional work that was required to be undertaken on the statue it would be returned to the sculptor before installation at Litten Gardens.

The Sub-Committee RESOLVED that, in the event of a shortfall in funding from Rotary or no funding at all, the City Council would fund the installation from the Repairs to War Memorial budget.

Post Meeting Note: Finance Committee minute 77 recommends to Full Council on 24th April 2019 that a budget of £2000 was set for the relocation and installation of the Maurice Patten statue in Litten Gardens.


(a) RTI Bus Shelters

The Property Manager advised that an order to the value of £6,553.00 had been placed with Queensbury Shelters to install an Ely cantilever shelter in Broyle Road outside Roussillon Park, on the southbound carriageway. This was to be funded from Section 106 contributions by the developer of Roussillon Park. It was anticipated that the shelter would be installed during Spring 2019.  

However, Queensbury Shelters had gone in to voluntary liquidation for a second time in a matter of months with little chance of being revived.

The Property Manager advised that as Queensbury Shelters were a major supplier of bus shelters, discussions with Clear Channel to seek alternative suppliers would now take place.  The intention would be to re-tender for the bus shelters at the agreed locations.

(b) Existing Chichester District Council owned Bus Shelters

The Property Manager had informed Chichester District Council of the decision taken by the City Council (Finance Committee minute 74 refers) to discontinue discussions regarding taking over ownership and maintenance of bus shelters within the parish, as well as making the offer to transfer bus shelters currently owned by Chichester City Council to Chichester District Council. A formal response was awaited.


(a) City Boundary Signs

The Property Manager reported that the new boundary signs (4 replacement and 5 new signs) had been installed at a cost of £3,789.30.

The Sub-Committee discussed the new signs and particularly the sign at the junction of Whyke Road and the A27 which was located at a particularly dangerous corner which was due to the excessive speed of vehicles leaving the A27.

It was RESOLVED that the Property Manager investigate options for adding a speed warning sign to the Whyke Road boundary sign.

(b) Way Finding

The Property Manager reported that Chichester BID had commissioned a report by a wayfinding consultant and would be presenting a proposal to the Chichester Vision Look & Feel group in due course.

The Sub-Committee discussed why a consultant had been appointed to undertake this work and expressed concern that the finials on the current way-finder posts should either be reused or returned to the City Council who had funded them during the original installation.

(c) Cycle Racks

The Sub-Committee was advised that an order had been placed with Artform Urban Furniture Ltd for 202 No Sheffield style 316 grade stainless steel (suitable for marine environments) cycle racks and the racks had been delivered and were being stored at Chichester District Council’s Contract Services depot at Westhampnett.

It was reported that four tenders had been received for the installation of the cycle racks and an Order had been placed with the lowest tenderer with an anticipated start date for the works at the end of April 2019.

However the Order had since been cancelled and this matter would be discussed further at the Special Finance Committee Meeting on 2 April 2019 on the way ahead.

(d) Ward Boards

The Property Manager reported that the four existing Ward Boards over the years had not weathered well and the polycarbonate glazing had misted and the header panels corroded.

A quotation had been sourced from Earth Anchors Ltd, who supplied the allotment notice boards, for four new boards of similar size to the existing units, including upwards opening gas strut single doors with a header board displaying the Coat of Arms and ‘Chichester City Council’ in anodised aluminium finish.  The cost, including delivery and installation, would be £3317.00 or £3,652.00 for black powder-coated finish. The Notice Boards would be covered by a 5-year warranty and have UV and vandal resistant polycarbonate glazing. 

The Property Manager recommended that this be considered as a new Public Realm project.

The Sub-Committee discussed the need for a fifth Ward Board to reflect the new electoral ward boundaries and was advised that it was intended to use the existing noticeboard in the portico of the Council House for this purpose.

Members also discussed the locations of the Ward Boards and whether they were appropriately located as it was considered that any new boards would be better placed in more populous areas to promote the City Council and its activities.

The Sub-Committee asked the Property Manager to research possible additional locations and resubmit this together with the replacement project at the next Property Sub-Committee meeting.


The Property Manager updated the Sub-Committee that Traditional Stone Restoration Ltd had been instructed to carry out low pressure high temperature specialist cleaning (DOFF) of St James Obelisk at the beginning of April 2019, followed by minor mortar repairs, at the cost of £437.00 and this be funded from the St James Obelisk Repairs and Maintenance budget.


The Property Manager advised that a representative from the Royal Sussex Regiment had submitted a proposal to install interpretation plaques beneath the street name signs in Roussillon Park that relate to Victoria Cross recipients, giving some historical context. The Property Manager had liaised with the proposer and had obtained quotes for two options;

Option A – Die pressed aluminium signs on recycled plastic back board to be fitted beneath existing street name signs – £1,125.00

Option B – New die pressed aluminium signs with City Coat of Arms on recycled plastic back board – £1,507.50

The Property Manager requested direction on whether this proposal was supported by members and, if so, how it would it be funded.

Members discussed the proposal and agreed in principle that it should proceed although concerns were expressed that Chichester City Council should not be funding additional signs on a private estate.

It was RESOLVED that Councillor French, in conjunction with The Property Manager, would liaise with the Chichester Community Development Trust to establish whether the Trust was willing to fund the signs as they were not on a public, adopted highway.                     


The Sub-Committee noted that an order had been placed with Traditional Stone Restoration Ltd to carry out the proposed works in the sum of £2,642 and that the works would begin in late April, early May when the weather would be more conducive to the use of lime mortar. The work would be funded from the Disused Burial Ground budget.


A report had been circulated with the Agenda to all members which outlined the request from Chichester Cathedral for the removal of the redundant Mayoral Frontal Pews which were currently being stored in the Treasury.

Councillor Scicluna commented that a local architect and carpenter, had expressed an interest in looking at the Frontals with a view to using the timber for the construction of cabinetry or other furniture.  Members agreed that this person would be an appropriate recipient of the pew frontal.

Members noted that the Cathedral was unlikely to replace the Frontals in the near future and that there should be an appropriate process for displaying the Mace when the Mayor is in attendance at the Cathedral.


Councillor Scicluna declared a personal interest in this matter as the City Representative on the Chichester Conservation Area Committee.

A request had been received from the Chichester Conservation Area Advisory Committee requesting the use of the Assembly Room for an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of the report ‘Chichester – A Study in Conservation’ either at a heavily discounted rate or free of charge.

The Mayor commented that this could set a precedent with other more regular hirers to seek discounted rates but as the report concerned the City itself, it was considered that the City Council should be supportive of this request.

It was RECOMMENDED to the Finance Committee that the request from the Chichester Conservation Area Advisory Committee for the use of the Assembly Room at either a heavily discounted rate or free of charge be considered


  • Street paving and surfaces – North Street and East Street
  • Roof Lantern
  • Allotments
  • Maurice Patten Statue
  • Bus Shelters
  • Public Realm Projects
  • Street signs


To be advised.

The meeting closed at 12.37pm.

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