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Minutes – Property Sub-Committee – 17 September 2018

The minutes of this meeting are presented below.

You can also download a PDF copy of the minutes here: Minutes – Property Sub-Committee – 17 September 2018



  • Councillors Dignum, French, Scicluna


  • The Mayor (Councillor Bell), the Deputy Mayor (Councillor Tupper)


  • Councillors Kilby and Sharp


  • Property Manager, Administration Manager


  • Councillor M Evans


The Minutes of the Property Sub-Committee meeting held on 21 May 2018, having been circulated were signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


The Property Manager’s report had been circulated to all members with the Agenda and he advised on the following works to the Council House.

(a) Mayoral Car Park Decorative Gates

The Property Manager explained that at the last meeting members had favoured a pair of 3m wide x 2m high black powder coated steel decorative gates with 3m wide matching railing panels for the Mayoral Car Park.  Details were requested on the option of the gates having the ability to slide open.  One contractor had declined to quote as they advised that this is not viable as there is insufficient width to provide a suitably wide opening when the gates are slid back.

Another contractor quoted on the basis of a 3m wide cantilever sliding gate providing an opening to one side of the car park at the cost of £5,345. The cost of this option was high and would be less practical than a pair of outward opening 3m wide gates with a fixed railing either side.

A quote had also been obtained for installing 6 telescopic ‘anti-ram’ bollards in the Mayoral Car Park but this proposal was not supported and would not improve the overall security of the area.

It was RECOMMENDED to the Finance Committee that the quote received from IGS Fencing in the sum of £2,886.72 to provide black powder coated steel decorative gates for the Mayoral Car Park be accepted, subject to relevant planning consents being obtained.  This would be funded from the Council House Reserve budget.

(b) Roof

The Property Manager advised that the Old Court Room roof had been leaking and although a temporary fix had taken place, a more permanent repair was now required.  Quotes had been received from two contractors (4 contractors were invited to quote) to install new ridge tiles, slates and underfelt and for replacing the lead gulley on either side.  Listed Building Consent was not required as the work was a like-for-like repair.

Due to the urgency of this work, to protect the fabric of the building from water damage and to protect a long standing and valuable room hire by Cards for Good Causes, the Clerk, with the support of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee, had used his Executive powers to approve the recommendation to instruct NJS Roofing to undertake the repairs in the sum of £8,266. The work would commence on 19 September 2018.

Therefore, retrospective approval was given from the Property-Sub Committee for this work to be undertaken.

It was however, for audit purposes, retrospectively RECOMMENDED to the Finance Committee that under Executive Powers, the Town Clerk together with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee had approved the work to be undertaken by NJS Roofing in the sum of £8,266.

The Sub-Committee noted that with regards to the Council House roof, four specialist contractors were invited to quote to replace the existing lead on the front and centre sections of the roof with Sarnafil single ply rubberised membrane, in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification. The quote for this work was significantly high and because it would be a change in material from Lead, Listed Building Consent would be required.

The Property Manager advised that it would be beneficial to have an external Condition Survey carried out to identify emerging defects and to help prioritise works and aid budgeting.  Quotes had been requested from three Surveyors.  Only one quote has been received, from Fuller Associates of Arundel; they specialise in listed buildings.

It was RECOMMENDED to the Finance Committee that an external Condition Survey on the Council House roof be carried out by Fuller Associates at a cost of £3,200 and be funded from the Council House Reserve budget.

The Property Manager also advised that it may be prudent to increase the contribution to the Council House Reserve budget by £10,000 per year to ensure that adequate funds are available for future repairs and re-roofing.  Members agreed and this would be incorporated within the 2019/2020 budget preparation.

(c) Roof Lantern

The Roof Lantern above the lift lobby staircase was in a state of disrepair and thermally inefficient.  The Property Manager was recommending it be replaced with a new thermally efficient, hardwood and aluminium roof lantern (subject to Listed Building Consent) and that the ridge height be lower so it would not conflict with the air conditioning units.  An estimate and specification had been obtained for the works and could be used for tendering.  The work proposed could be in the sum of £7,220 and funded from the 2019/2020 Council House Reserve budget.

It was RESOLVED that Listed Building Consent be submitted for replacing the Roof Lantern at the Council House and request formal tenders from three contractors.

(d) Access Control System

The upgrading of the access control system to the secure areas of the Council House has been completed.


(a) Allotment Management System

The Property Manager explained that the current Allotment Management System was becoming problematic and the providers were unable to provide confirmation that it was GDPR compliant.  The current system had been purchased on a 3-year contract which had now ended and had not been renewed due to the inability to provide information about GDPR compliance.

An alternative Allotment Management System had been identified by Officers, MCPC Colony Allotment Software System.  This software provided the same features as the current software but had significantly more versatility for future needs.  A new version of this software, Colony 6 was being introduced in December 2018, would replace the current PC installed software with a cloud hosted product. Therefore there was no cost in purchasing software but the Property Manager had negotiated a 3-year contract at the cost of £5,525.05 including initial data transfer, setup and training. On-going annual costs would be for 3 user licences, data hosting and support at £1,195 (subject to inflationary increases).

It was RECOMMENDED to the Finance Committee that the City Council enter into an agreement with MCPC Colony Allotment Software System on a 3-year contract at the cost of £5,525.05 including initial data transfer, setup and training. On-going annual costs would be for 3 user licences, data hosting and support at £1,195, (subject to inflationary increases).  This would initially be funded from the Allotment Improvement Fund with on-going annual costs being funded from the Computer Improvement/Maintenance Budget.

(b) Update

The Property Manager advised that there were currently 19 vacant plots and 59 people on the waiting list.  Unfortunately those on the waiting list were not interested in having a plot at St James Road where most of the vacancies were available.


(a) Lighting

A quote in the sum of £28,578.91 had been received from SSE for a new unmetered connection and feeder pillar for 8 heritage lighting columns around the perimeter path and 4 ground mounted spotlights protected by galvanised steel cages to provide feature lighting to the War Memorial.

Councillor Scicluna reminded the Property Manager that care needed to be taken when digging down any depth in Litten Gardens due to it once being a burial ground.  It may be advisable to speak to Chichester District Council’s Archaeology Specialist before any work is started. 

It was RESOLVED that SSE be instructed to proceed with the proposed works (subject to the appropriate consents) and that this be funded from CIL Receipts if this was an appropriate project for the use of this funding.

Post Meeting Note : Chichester District Council’s Principal Planning Officer has confirmed that this is an acceptable project for CIL spend.

However, at the previous Property Sub-Committee meeting this project was supported in principle and that it would be a Public Realm Project.  The cost precludes this being a Public Realm Project.

It is therefore RECOMMENDED to Finance Committee that £28,578.91 be allocated from the CIL Receipts received for the lighting project at Litten Gardens.

(b) Fencing

The chain-link fence to the boundary with New Park Recreation Ground footpath had been replaced.

(c) Garden of Reflection and Reconciliation

The chainsaw sculpture was in production and progressing well.  The installation would be before 11 November 2018 and 24 hour guarded security will be in place for the period leading up to the unveiling on Remembrance Sunday.  The new interpretation board and VC commemorative paving slab will be installed at the same time.


(a) RTI Bus Shelters

The Property Manager advised that following a consultation on the proposed shelters in the North of the City, objections had been received to the proposed shelter in Summersdale Road and the northbound shelter on Broyle Road near to the Nuffield Hospital.  Also the proposed location for the shelter outside Wellington Grange would have to be amended as this would be affected by the new proposed cycle way planned by West Sussex County Council.  Positive feedback had been received for the proposed southbound shelter outside the main entrance to Roussillon Park.

The Sub-Committee agreed that the shelters proposed for Roussillon Park (southbound) and Wellington Grange (southbound) be implemented.

The Sub-Committee asked the Property Manager to investigate if the money for the northbound bus shelters could be used instead to install a bus shelter on the north side of West Street outside the former Post Office.  The Property Manager reminded members that funding for bus shelters in the north of the City was Section 106 money from developments in the north of the City but agreed to investigate the possibility.

(b) Existing Chichester District Council owned Bus Shelters

Chichester District Council had extended the existing maintenance contract with Clear Channel for another year (expiry June 2019) and would continue discussions with the City Council on the bus shelters in Chichester parish being transferred to the City Council.


(a) City Boundary Signs

A licence to install new Parish boundary signs at five main entrance points to the City namely, Westhampnett Road, Portfield Way, Oving Road, Bognor Road and Whyke Road has been applied for from West Sussex County Council Highways.  The cost for the five signs would be £2,138 (£427.60/sign).  In total there would be 9 City boundary signs around the City.

The Property Manager circulated an alternative boundary sign but members said a decision had already been taken at the last Property Sub-Committee and was extant.  The alternative sign could be displayed at the railway station and the Deputy Mayor would discuss this further with the appropriate agencies.

(b) Way Finding

Many of the existing finger posts have seized finials and fingers and require specialist attention.  The original manufacturer has been identified and approached for a quote to refurbish the existing cast aluminium posts and for supplying and installing stainless steel finger posts.

(c) Cycle Racks

This item had been discussed by the CIL Sub-Committee prior to the Property Sub-Committee meeting and the following recommendation from the CIL Sub-Committee would be considered by the Finance Committee.

It was RECOMMENDED to Finance Committee that :

(i) £32,500 be allocated for this project from the CIL Receipts received;

(ii) 182 cycle racks in the City be replaced with the new stainless steel ‘Sheffield’ style          rack;

(iii) up to 20 cycle racks in the City be replaced with the new stainless steel circular style rack subject to the extra cost incurred for these racks being funded by Chichester BID;

(iv) the Property Manager liaise with West Sussex County Council on the current locations of the cycle racks as some of them would benefit from being relocated in the nearby area, eg, Eastgate Square;

(v) the Property Manager and Councillor Sharp liaise on other possible sites for cycle racks.

(d) City Centre Tower Base Planters

The new planter surrounds had been installed.

(e) Tarmac Path at Litten Gardens

The tarmac path at Litten Gardens had been resurfaced.


The Property Manager advised that a local specialist stone care contractor had approached the City Council and had offered to clean St James Obelisk free of charge.  Unfortunately an article had appeared in the local paper stating that permission from the City Council had already been given for the works; the contractor had apologised for this error.

The Sub-Committee agreed to the work being carried out on the proviso that the Property Manager liaise with Chichester District Council and Historic England to ensure the cleaning process proposed is suitable and complies with conservation requirements.  A Risk Assessment and appropriate insurance would be required from the specialist stone care contractor.  The aim was for the work to be carried out in October 2018.


It was noted that the grit bin, salt spreaders and shovels had been purchased and were stored at the Council House.  Grit bins in Parklands and East Broyle had been checked and restocked as necessary.


The Sub-Committee considered BID’s proposal to light ten iconic buildings in the City Centre during the winter months including the Market House and the Council House.  All lighting would be non-invasive and would leave no marks or fixings when removed.

The Sub-Committee agreed in principle but full descriptions of the proposed lighting for the Market House and the Council House would need to be submitted.


Community Affairs Committee Minute 25(b(v) refers

The Property Manager advised that there was already an audit of all the trees that were on City Council owned property and that these were regularly inspected.  Many of the trees in the City Centre were owned by either Chichester District or West Sussex County Councils.

The Property Manager would liaise with the Tree Wardens and advise accordingly but it would be the responsibility of the Tree Wardens to carry out the audit, not the City Council’s Property Team.


It was RESOLVED that the public and press be excluded from this meeting because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted namely affairs of third parties.


The Sub-Committee noted that there had been an insurance claim against Chichester City Council whereby a person had tripped over the remnant of a street naming post in St Pancras that may have been damaged by a third party.  The City Council’s insurers advised that all street names signs should be regularly inspected. Also noted was an incident involving a member of staff when installing a street name post in the City.


  • Council House
    • Mayoral Car Park, decorative gates       
    • Roof
    • Roof Lantern
  • Litten Gardens
    • Lighting
    • Garden of Reflection and Reconciliation
  • Bus Stops/Shelters
  • RTPI Bus shelters
  • Existing CDC owned bus shelters
  • Public Realm Projects
    • Wayfinding
    • City Boundary Signs
    • Cycle Racks
  • Named Bench Policy


Monday 19 November 2018 at 10.00am

The meeting closed at 11.59am.

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