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Minutes – Property Sub-Committee – 8 January 2019

The minutes of this meeting are presented below.

You can also download a PDF copy of the minutes here: Minutes – Property Sub-Committee – 8 January 2019



  • Councillor Dignum
  • Councillor French
  • Councillor Scicluna


  • The Mayor (Councillor Bell)
  • The Deputy Mayor (Councillor Tupper)


  • Property Manager
  • Administration Manager


  • Councillor M Evans


The Minutes of the Property Sub-Committee meeting held on 17 September 2018, having been circulated were signed by the Chairman as a correct record.

The Property Manager’s report had been circulated to all members with the Agenda in connection with the Agenda items.


(a)  Mayoral Car Park

This matter had been referred back to the Property Sub-Committee by the Finance Committee (Minute 33 refers) for further discussion.

The Property Manager advised that in light of the previous options presented not being approved, consideration could be given to the first proposal put forward in 2015 that a parking control company take control of unauthorised parking in the Mayoral Car Park.  This would entail the car park being periodically patrolled by the company and penalty charge notices issued to any unauthorised cars not displaying a valid permit and any action required pursued by the parking control company.  This would be inexpensive to set up and provide a strong deterrent.  Another low-cost option was to remove the existing (mostly broken) bollards and install a fixed central post with two chains which could be locked to the boundary wall either side.

It was RESOLVED that the Property Manager proceed negotiations with a parking control company.

(b)  Roof

It was noted that the roof above the Old Court Room has been recovered and the lead gullies either side replaced.

(c) Roof Lantern

The Property Manager advised that the Planning Advisor was liaising with Chichester District Council with regard to obtaining pre-planning advice and guidance as to what specification of replacement lantern would likely be approved. A Listed Building Consent application will be submitted as soon as possible.  It was noted that the Roof Lantern was situated over the stairs leading to the Assembly Room and Crush Bar Areas.

(d) External Building Survey

A detailed survey of the exterior elements of the building had been carried out by Fuller Associates. The draft report has been received and considered by the Property Manager. The report highlighted a fairly significant amount of essential repair works required to the roof covering (especially above the Council Chamber), chimney stacks, brickwork and external joinery. In liaison with the surveyor the Property Manager would prepare a schedule of repairs in order of priority with a view to issuing tender invitations to suitable contractors.

The Property Manager would liaise with the Finance Manager regarding budget provisions and a more detailed report and repair proposal would be submitted at a future Property Sub-Committee meeting.  It is anticipated that repair works would be funded from the Council House Reserve.


(a) Allotment Management System

Members were advised that the Property Manager, Senior Property Maintenance Officer and Front of House Supervisor had been trained to use the new Allotment Management System which would go live on 19 January 2019.  The process of transferring data from the previous system involved significant administrative input but has been completed smoothly with no loss of data; the Senior Property Maintenance Officer was thanked for his involvement with this data transfer.

(b) Update

The Property Manager advised that all allotments sites had had their final common areas maintenance visit for this season and the water supplies had been turned off for the Winter. Some essential tree work had been undertaken at the St Pauls site and fence repairs undertaken at St James Road and Florence Road. 


(a) Lighting

The Property Manager advised that the lighting scheme proposed could be installed under Permitted Development Rights and therefore did not require Planning Permission. However, the Property Manager was liaising with the Planning Advisor to complete the necessary consultations with regard to archaeological, conservation and ecology issues related to Litten Gardens.  Also, local residents who directly overlook Litten Gardens and maybe affected by the proposed lighting would be consulted. The Archaeological Officer at Chichester District Council was satisfied with the installation proposals. Discussions were on-going with the Heritage and Conservation Officer.

(b) Chain Saw Sculpture

The chainsaw sculpture was successfully delivered and installed on 8 November 2018 and was unveiled on Remembrance Sunday as part of the annual Remembrance Sunday Service and Parade.  An interpretation board and the Wilfrith Elstob VC commemorative paving slab was also installed at the same time.  The sculpture had attracted much public attention and the City Council had received many positive comments when on site in Litten carrying out grounds maintenance. A time lapse video showing the carving process was shown at the meeting.

(c) War Memorial

It was noted that the Property Manager would be applying for Listed Building Consent to add an additional name to the War Memorial (Hopkyns T. G. – South Africa). This work would be at a cost of £343.75.


(a) RTI Bus Shelters

Following consultation and consideration of public feedback it has been agreed with West Sussex County Council that the proposed shelters in Broyle Road, on the southbound carriageway outside Roussillon Park and Wellington Grange be installed.  However, the chosen supplier of the approved shelters has gone into voluntary liquidation and the specified style of shelter is no longer available. Therefore the tender process will have to be repeated and the cost of supply and installation will probably increase.

It was noted that any installation of bus shelters in the above locations would not take place until West Sussex County Council’s had undertaken the new cycleway works in the same area.

(b) Existing Chichester District Council owned Bus Shelters

The Property Manager explained that Chichester District Council had extended the existing maintenance contract with Clear Channel for another year (expiry June 2019) and will commence discussions with Chichester District Council for the bus shelters in the Chichester parish being transferred to the City Council.

The Sub-Committee discussed this matter and felt that any maintenance contract should remain with Chichester District Council and that they be offered the new City Council bus shelters installed in Market Avenue and the proposed shelters in Broyle Road.

It was RECOMMENDED to the Finance Committee that the City Council no longer pursue discussions with Chichester District Council over future maintenance contracts being transferred to Chichester City Council and that the City Council bus shelters in Market Avenue and Broyle Road be offered for inclusion in any future maintenance contract Chichester District Council enters in to.


(a) City Boundary Signs

The Property Manager had obtained the necessary licence from West Sussex County Council Highways and had agreed the exact locations, installation and traffic management requirements with the contractor and it is anticipated that the signs will be installed before the end of February 2019.

However, due to necessary installation amendments following site surveys with West Sussex County Council Highways the cost had unavoidably increased from £2,988.40 to £3,789.30.  

It was RECOMMENDED to the Finance Committee that an additional £800.90 be allocated from the Public Realm budget to cover the unavoidable increase due to necessary installation amendments.

 (b) Way Finding

The Property Manager was liaising with Chichester BID for the information required on each finger post.  A meeting with Leander Architectural Signs is being arranged to obtain a quotation for the refurbishment of the existing cast iron posts and replacement of the directional fingers. It is hoped that a detailed proposal can be presented at the next Property Sub-Committee meeting. Any decision will need to take account of any masterplan decision on future street furniture design/materials.

(c) Cycle Racks

The Property Manager had applied to West Sussex County Council Highways for a S.278 licence, a preferred supplier of the stainless steel racks had been identified, a storage location for the new racks agreed (Chichester District Council External Works Depot) and the tender specification compiled.

However this project had been put on hold pending agreement on a masterplan for street furniture design and materials.  

The Sub-Committee agreed that as approval had been given for the installation of stainless steel cycle racks from the Public Realm Budget (Council Minute 54(d) refers) this should be the standard style of street furniture in the City Centre.


The Property Manager advised that no further contact had been received from Mason Grave Care requesting details of the proposed cleaning process and evidence of suitable Public and Product Liability Insurance and the Property Manager would now therefore obtain a cleaning and repair specification and quotation from Traditional Stone Restorations Ltd and Chichester Stoneworks.


The Property Manger advised that :

(a) New street name signs had been installed in Little London, Whyke Lane, Caledonian Road, Market Avenue, St John’s Street, Friary Lane and several other locations; 28 street name plates have been renewed during 2018.

(b) An asset and inspection list of all street name plates throughout the City had been compiled and a rolling programme of recorded inspections initiated.  Inspection of street names would be combined with the Property Team’s regular routine tasks, so it was anticipated that inspection of each street name sign should take place at least once a year.

(c) A proposal had been received to install interpretation plaques beneath the street name signs that relate to Victoria Cross recipients at Roussillion Park.  The Property Manager was liaising with the proposer and will present further details at the next Property Sub-Committee meeting.


The Property Manager explained that the brick and flint boundary wall between St Martins Gardens and 21 St Martins Square was showing signs of deterioration and plant root damage. There were several cracks in the capping sections and repair work was essential to prevent the wall becoming unstable. Two quotes had been obtained and a Listed Building Consent Application was being submitted for the works.

It was RECOMMENDED to the Finance Committee that an order be placed with Traditional Stone Restoration Ltd in the sum of £2,642 + VAT for the works and be funded from the Earmarked Reserve for Disused Burial Grounds.


To be advised.

 The meeting closed at 2.50pm.

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