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Terms of Reference – Community Affairs Committee

The Terms of Reference (Community Affairs Committee) set out below was adopted at a meeting of the City Council held on 28 February 2024.

These Terms of Reference outline the structure, role, responsibilities and authorities delegated by Council; for the Community Affairs Committee.

You can also download a copy here – Chichester City Council – Terms of Reference – Community Affairs Committee – March 2024 (PDF download)

1. The Community Affairs Committee is constituted as a Standing Committee of Chichester City Council.

2. The Committee composition shall be a minimum of three and no more than six Councillors as voting members not less than three members of the group constituting a quorum.

3. The Mayor shall be ex-officio members of the Community Affairs Committee.

4. Membership of the Committee shall be ratified at the Annual Council Meeting in May of each year.

5. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be elected annually by the Committee.

6. The Community Affairs Committee shall be administered and managed in accordance with these Terms of Reference.

7. The Community Affairs Committee shall meet at least four times per year and the dates shall be included in the Schedule of Meetings.

8. The Community Affairs Committee shall be delegated to make decisions on behalf of the Council in the following matters:

a. Emergency planning.

b. Local rights and traditions and civic and ceremonial matters.

c. Community events.

d. Approval of expenditure items within the existing annual budget for the delivery of events and community services and award of grant allocations.

e. Issues related to amenities and facilities provided for the City by other authorities and organisations.

f. Recipients of Annual Civic Awards.

g. All matters concerning tourism development and promotion within the City and adjacent to it or likely to have an impact upon the City.

h. Allocation and monitoring of grants from the annual Grant Budget.

i. Annual review of effectiveness of all services delivered by the Council to the local community.

j. Annual review of all relevant health and safety matters, risk assessments and safeguarding policies and ensuring legislative compliance for all services delivered by the Council to the local community.

k. To appoint such Sub-Committees and Working Groups as may be necessary to fulfil the above requirements.

l. Monitoring of new project and initiatives put forward by this committee.

9. The recommendations and decisions made at the Community Affairs Committee shall give due and proactive regard to actions which:

a. Address or support Chichester City Council’s response to the climate emergency (declared in 2019)

b. Support, improve and nurture the inclusivity of Chichester for all residents and visitors, and address inequalities

c. Support the delivery of the vision and activities outlined in the Chichester City Council Business Plan

10. The Town Clerk shall be authorised to take the necessary action to implement approved decisions of the Committee.

11. The Community Affairs Committee shall be delegated to make recommendations to the Council in the following matters:

a. Representation on outside bodies

b. Development of new services for the local community

c. Development of new facilities for the local community

d. Grant funding award criteria

e. Recommendation of the Committee’s budget to the Finance Committee each financial year

12. All correspondence shall be conducted through the Town Clerk wherever possible.

13. Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the Town Clerk and forwarded to Members of the City Council.

Adopted: 28 February 2024

Minute ref.: 88 (Meeting of Council – 28 February 2024)

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