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Neighbourhood Plan News

Latest News

Here we will post the latest news and updates about the Chichester City Neighbourhood Plan

May 2022

The City Council as a large Parish Council is the qualifying body for the Neighbourhood Plan, a Steering Committee was appointed to produce the Plan with the help of an expert advisor.

Structure of the Neighbourhood Plan:

The organisational structure needs to deliver the Neighbourhood plan

  • City Council
  • Planning and Conservation Committee
  • Link Councillors
  • Steering committee: key roles Chairman, Secretary ( Project manager) and Consultant advisor

Working Sub groups:

  • Organisation and Project management
  • PLACE studies and Data analysis
  • Policy
  • Public engagement

Contents of the Neighbourhood Plan:

Top level:

  • Vision statement,
  • Strategy Plan,
  • Aims and objectives

Second level:

    • Planning policies
    • access and movement
    • built environment
    • public realm
    • economy
    • climate change
    • wellbeing and community

Third Level:

      • Projects arising from the planning policies and strategy

Time scales and milestones

The complex nature of NP and given the large area covered compared to other Neighbourhood Plans means that timescales are indicative only. Obviously to date, Covid has caused much disruption particularly for the PLACE studies which are done with groups of residents. Getting to the present Steering committee structure has meant effectively two restarts of the project although much work on evidence gathering has been done in the meantime



  • End June: PLACE studies and Evidence gathering completed
  • End of July: Data analysis complete . First Public meeting and exhibition
  • End of September: Policy work begins
  • December: First draft of NP for discussion with CCC, CDC , steering Group and Advisor


  • April: Review and Approval of Draft report by CCC and CDC
  • May: Final approval and submission by CCC as Qualifying Body
  • June/July: Public examination by Inspector and updates
  • September: Plan approved and Public referendum
  • December 2023: Approved NP published and in force.

Current Progress

With the appointment of Ash Pal as Chairman, Alan Bradbury as Secretary and the understanding that the advisor Richard Eastham was there to advise and the Steering Committee to do the work, good progress has been made and the project is now on track.

The organisation, work groups and their respective roles are now becoming much clearer. The PLACE studies are nearing completion and will then be organised into larger areas probably along the ward areas for policy areas. Good work has recently been done on the aims and objectives and public engagement.

As far as housing is concerned, the Steering Committee will be requested to identify possible sites but will not allocate specific housing numbers

It is likely that at the Policy stage there will need to be more involvement of City Councillors

Richard Plowman

8 November 2021

In order to refresh and widen the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, a meeting was held in the Assembly Room for people who had expressed an interest in joining the Steering Group.

Following a presentation by the City Council’s consultants, Feria Urbanism about the way forward, attendees highlighted the skills and experience they would like to offer and discussed the functional areas they would like to get involved with.

A second meeting was arranged to further develop the ideas and allocate tasks.

You can see more here: Neighbourhood Plan Terms of Reference and meetings

July 2021

  • Good progress being made now on the PLACE assessments given the end of June deadline
  • Six of the eleven site identified now completed
  • New PLACE groups being set up for West Broyle, Swanfield  and Hornet /St Pancras areas
  • Meeting with Steering Committee and expert group to explain the process for the Neighbourhood Plan
  • Excellent study by John Pegg on urban landscape presented to the Steering Group and will be made into a video presentation
  • PLACE workshop to be set up for Wednesday 21st July
  • Some changes being made to the Steering Committee members to ensure continuity for meetings
  • Web site  to be updated monthly after the Steering Committee meeting

27 April 2021

  • New look web site to reflect restart of public engagement
  • Trial PLACE activity going on at Parklands and Whyke
  • Estate boards to be removed in the Chichester Conservation Area for 10 years
  • Questions from Linda Boize and Councillors on the Neighbourhood plan. Check out the Council Minutes of 26th April.

If you have any further questions or would like more information, please email us at:

Please note: Previous news articles about the Chichester City Neighbourhood Plan have now been archived. If you have any questions about this, please contact the email address above.

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