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Neighbourhood Plan
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Neighbourhood Plan

Chichester City Council and the residents within our parish are in the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan. This will give our residents influence over the development that takes place here through the planning policies, infrastructure projects and aspirations that we develop together.

We are currently in the evidence gathering stage, where we draw together all the local issues that we need to address, opportunities for improvement and possible options to take forward. This includes engaging with residents about their issues, views, aspirations and preferences, gathering any relevant data and obtaining specialist reports where the issues require it.

As part of our evidence gathering process, we are putting together some background documents setting out issues and options on a number of subjects we want to hear from you about.

The first one relates to a potential land swap and new extended Bishop Luffa School development within the White House Farm site, with the existing school site then allocated for housing to fund the new build school.

Chichester City Neighbourhood Plan - Land swap background paper

VOTE - Chichester Neighbourhood Plan - Land swap options

Voting for this polls closes on 15/12/2020.

In addition, we have just published our Trees and Green Spaces Report (large file)

We will also need to carry out a "call for sites", asking anyone if they want to nominate any land to be allocated for housing or any other specific use, and we will then go on to engage with residents and carry out assessments about which sites to allocate. You can see more information about housing site allocation by clicking on this link to the FAQ section.

Online Neighbourhood Plan training for residents will be launched in July 2020. This will be provided by Feria Urbanism (specialists in Neighbourhood Planning) and we will add the link to that here and on our Facebook group. Click here to go to and join the Chichester Neighbourhood Plan Facebook group.

This training will tell residents everything they need to know about Neighbourhood Plans and how to get involved in ours.

If you want to start with the bigger picture of what the Planning system is all about and how Neighbourhood Plans fit into it, you can view our 15 minute introduction to planning video here.

Following the training, we will be setting up working groups of socially distanced residents focussing on their areas of the city guided by Feria Urbanism.

We will let you know when we're starting this and how to join on our website, on our Facebook page, and by email if you're on our email list.

Email list: If you entered your email address when you completed the survey we carried out in Oct-Dec 2019 then you'll be on our list. If not, we can add you if you request this by email to neighbourhood.plan@chichestercity.gov.uk

The results of the initial survey of over 1650 residents that we carried out at the end of 2019 can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Once we have all this information, we will draw up a "Vision" of what residents want their city to be like over the next 15 years, a list of objectives stating how we'll achieve this and, from that, specific planning policies which development in our area will have to accord with.

We can also include any infrastructure projects residents want, and any aspirations we want to achieve; these can't be directly implemented through the Plan but our statements of public consensus on these may help influence decisions to bring these forward.

Keep up to date with progress, join in the discussion, and contact us with your views about our city on our Neighbourhood Plan Facebook group here:
Join our Facebook group here

Click the following links to see the latest Neighbourhood Plan news or to see all our Neighbourhood Plan documents to date here.

Email us with your thoughts at neighbourhood.plan@chichestercity.gov.uk

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