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Florence Road allotments – tree and hedge replanting

As part of ongoing land management and improvement, Chichester City Council’s Property Team have been working on the common area at Florence Road allotments.

The area was recently cleared of dead, overgrown, non-native trees and plants, rubbish was removed and the area was re-grassed.

The team has now planted a small copse of 10 silver birch trees and replaced the old tangled land border planting with a double-row hedge consisting of 95 saplings including a mix of hawthorn, dogwood, wild cherry, rowan and hazel.

A wild plant seed mix has also been scattered on two of the borders of the common area.

By replanting and seeding, the area will be easier to maintain and as the new hedge matures it will give a year round display of blossoms and berries which should be attractive to pollinators and birds.

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